Hello from Muckish Mountain Brewery

Hello, hola, hóra*!

Welcome to our blog and to Muckish Mountain Brewery. We’re one of a new wave of Irish microbreweries and we’re based in the very most North Westerly part of Ireland – Creeslough, County Donegal.

We’re a husband and wife team who first met in London, me from Cumbria via Hull and him from Creeslough,via Holyhead. I was fresh from student land, he was fresh from 1980′s Donegal dole queue.

We met via mutual friends. In a Sliding Doors type scenario it could all have been so different if I hadn’t answered that particular ad in Loot. But I did and the rest, they say, is history. He’s a lucky boy.

We had fun and drank our fair share of beer– in the student pubs and clubs of Hull (Spiders, anyone?), the Irish bars in London (Tottenham mainly), both of us at various rock venues and festivals in England. It’s fair to say we weren’t terribly discerning drinkers, it was more the quantity than quality that we were interested in at the time.  That’s youth for you.

But we’ve left the bright lights of London and questionable drinking habits behind and are now sensibly raising our two boys in the beautiful Donegal countryside.

Having a proper beer with flavour and taste is much more important to us now, not least because we don’t get out so much anymore. When we do, however, we want to drink beer that’s interesting and fresh, something that’s not clocked up the air miles to reach us and that hasn’t been mass produced on a soulless production line somewhere.

Brewing our own beer, via our very own Irish microbrewery has long been our dream and, after redundancy forced us to stop dithering and start doing, here we are.

Nowadays, from our window, we get to see Muckish Mountain every day. It’s a great sight and familiar to anyone who knows anything about Donegal. It’s also a great climb – a leisurely all dayer or a lung busting couple of hours – and is the size of three football pitches on top. Not that you can play football on top as the rocks are lethal.

With so much history and beauty about it the mountain makes for a great story. We’ve borrowed its name to hopefully tell ours.

Welcome to Muckish Mountain Brewery. Thanks for your interest.


* I’m reliably informed, via the award winning Talk Irish website, that this is a friendly way to say hello in Irish.

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